Begin Your Pool Game “With the End in Mind”

The body position getting down is described as “begin with the end in mind” (a Steven Covey quote) because you want to start out above the ball with your body parts in the same relative position as they will be in when you get down and shoot.

Many people especially change their left arm angle too much and don’t pre set their arm/wrist/shoulder angles properly, this means you have to create them on the way down or after you get down on the shot.

This is infinitely more difficult to do in a consistent way….thus, if you start above the ball in the position you will be in while hitting the cue ball (or as close as YOU can get), you will be able to be a “pool playing machine” and that’s just a figure of speech for those that want challenge me and say “a man can’t become a machine” … however, it’s a good thing to strive for and in the process take out any “moving parts” that you can’t repeat.

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