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The Game Is The Teacher

Welcome to my Mastering Pocket Billiards site.

I am dedicated to bringing forth and teaching the most effective pocket billiards systems, techniques and knowledge used by the greatest players of all time.

I learned this knowledge from playing against top players and talking to them about what their “secrets to success” were. Now I’ll share these techniques with you. 

Let me introduce you to the game in a way that makes it easier to perform, and better understand how to play your most effective way.

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Get to know PRO Pool Techniques!

  • Hand Connection & Alignment
  • Balancing the Body
  • Connection to the “Line of the Shot”
  • Developing a Straight Delivery
  • Mastering Jump Shots
  • “Kicking” Defensively
  • The “Escape Shot” Technique
  • Touch of Inside Technique
  • Pre Shot Routine
  • Building Your Bridge
  • Strengthening Your Stroke
  • Grip Pressure
  • Three Part Pocket System
  • Pocket Zones & The “Touch” of Inside
  • Ultimate Aiming System
  • and so much more…

Complete lessons inside to match your playing level!

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